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For organizations to communicate in a better way

In an age where change is rampant, we must forecast forthcoming expectations through observation.
With the advent of social media, the power of an individual’s voice has expanded.
In today’s digital era, organizations need the power not only to communicate, but the power to listen as well.

There is an optimal relationship that organizations can have with their stakeholders.
Although the shape of that ideal is unique for every entity, without proper communication management, achieving that desirable relationship is difficult.

By examining public expectation and stakeholder sentiments, we offer consultation on communication strategy and action plans unique to each organization to fit their goals.
With the belief that a better relationship between organization and the public lead to healthy societal advancement, we continue to pursue the power of corporate communication.

Our Core Value

To connect companies and people with the power of communication

Message from the President

In modern society with many global-level issues that needs to be tackled, companies and organizations with influence and resources are held to higher expectations.
On the other side, without the support of employees, customers, suppliers, and their local communities, change is unattainable.

By companies and organizations holding dialog with the public, we can solve multitudes of societal issues and create a sustainable future with a health community.

We support our clients in creating dialog with the public by tailoring an organized communication blueprint and taking action together to build foundations for better public relations. By doing so, we create opportunities to gain new insights on your stakeholders as well as provide new goals and opportunities through social listening.

Minako Breadsmith

President:Minako Breadsmith
Joined Crossmedia Communications Inc in 2003.
Under the guidance of then President, Kazuhiro Amemiya, was a researcher for corporate PR and an assistant speaker.
Left Crossmedia Communications in 2007 for maternity and rejoined in 2013.
Became executive officer in 2020.
Became Chief Executive Officer in 2021.

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Company Profile

Company Name: Crossmedia Communications Inc.
Address: 6-2-13, 8F Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel +81-3-6418-0336
Fax +81-3-6418-0337
Establish: February 1, 1999
President: Minako Breadsmith
Managing Director: Denny Iwasawa
What we do: * Corporate Communications Strategy
* Direct Stakeholder Consulting (Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.)
* Producing, Engaging, and Managing Paid / Earned / Shared / Owned Media Planning
* Public Relations Advisory
* Communication Media Management
* Private Communications Seminars

Located on the 8th floor

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We are located 6 minutes by foot from Omotesando Station
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